Tips on Preventing Tree Root Damage

The root system of your tree can either be visible on your lawn’s surface or deep underground. This depends on the age and size of your tree. The purpose of the roots is to stabilize your tree. They are also the ones who let the tree get the nutrients and water it requires to thrive.  

So, if you don’t want to hire a Perth tree removal service because your tree died from accidental root damage, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Hire a Professional Tree Care Company for Help 

Looking for a reliable and local tree care company to maintain your trees is an ideal way to guarantee the least amount of damage to the root system of your tree. It is particularly vital to have an expert tree service to help you whenever lawn construction projects happen that might threaten the roots and the life of your tree. A professional arborist will help you with every single tree care you need. This includes specialty arborist services, deadwood removal, tree maintenance and care, and much more.  

Think About the Roots When Planting Trees 

Tree professionals enable the general rule that the taller and bigger that a tree is known to grow, the further it should be planted from sidewalks, driveways, and other solid structures. Usually, large trees will grow up to 40 feet or taller, medium trees can reach 20 up to 40 feet, and small trees will grow up to 20 feet tall at maturity. You should plant large to medium trees at least 10 feet from structures. On the other hand, you should plant small trees at least 2-feet away from structures.  

The Depth and Length of the Root System of Your Tree 

Almost every tree has roots that lie within the top 2 feet of soil. Oftentimes, root systems spread to the outer edge of the crown of the tree. This is also known as the dripline. The reason for this is that it enables the roots to soak up water that drips from the leaves of the tree. The root flare of your tree needs to be visible. For those who don’t know, the spot at the base of the trunk of your tree that spreads out the roots is called root flare. The reason why it needs to be visible is that it helps you figure out if your tree was planted properly. Also, it can provide you an idea of how healthy your tree’s roots are.  

Do Not Damage the Roots When Planting 

When trees are planted too close to solid structures, roots might come to the surface. This includes the foundation of a house or the sidewalks. This can also happen if trees aren’t planted properly. If the roots of your tree are visible on the surface, you’ve got to trim and mow around it carefully. Also, it can be very useful if you apply mulch around the exposed roots. This will help you prevent damaging them. To guarantee that the roots are healthy, plant the trees properly.