Reasons Not to Ignore Roof Hail Damage

A couple of homeowners who do not know better neglect their roof after a serious weather event. They may assume that their home is fine. They believe that it will not make a difference if their house has withstood a storm a couple of times. However, this type of ignorance might cost you a lot of money in the future.  

Any professional roofer will say that you can prevent expensive roof repairs by having routine roof inspection and tackling minor problems before they become worse. Today, we are going to share with you why you shouldn’t ignore roof hail damage.  

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hail Damage 

A hailstone, upon impact, can loosen the protective granules that coat the uppermost layer of your roof. This exposes the roof to the elements without this protection. This includes the sun and water. For example, the UV rays of the sun can weaken the exposed area and make them brittle.  

Aside from that, your insurance provider may not cover the expenses for restoring the roof. This is particularly true if they think you’re ignoring it or if you wait too long to get it fixed. According to insurance providers, you should be responsible for the maintenance of your home. This includes regularly hiring roofing services. Also, if the insurance provider found out that you’re negligent in this regard, they will mark it up to you being responsible for the damage. This means they aren’t accountable for it. In this situation, you will probably be paying for repairs out of your own wallet.  

Benefits of Roof Inspection 

Inspections and maintenance can improve the lifespan of your roof and maximize it for each year it is intact. Expert inspections lower major expenses in the future. This is particularly true after a storm. Keep in mind that even if you’ve got a new roof, it can still be damaged by a hail storm. Thus, it does not matter if you have simply installed it several months ago. Thus, it does not matter if you have simply installed the roof a month ago. Contact a professional immediately if a hail storm occurs.  

Measuring Hail Damage 

Hail damage will greatly vary on a lot of aspects. This includes the slope of your roofing, the material of your roofing, age of your roofing, the direction of the hail, size, and speed of the hail. Compared to wood shake or metal roofs, asphalt shingles suffer more damage from hail. For asphalt roofs, a professional roofer will examine the roof and measure the indentation size on the shingles and on the flashing.  

Hidden Damage of the Hail 

Though surface impacts on shingles might not appear like any more than a mere aesthetic issue, the reality is that there is more damage under the roof. Within 5 years, those small marks might become glaring gauges. In addition to that, hairline cracks can develop after minor indentations have been made. This will enable water to leak under the shingles. If ignored, this can lead to major issues such as water damage.