If you’ve ever tried your hand at a DIY home improvement project, chances are you’ve used plaster or come across it while browsing the shelves in the hardware store. Plaster is an incredibly versatile material used as a filler, adhesive, and decorative element.  

But how long does plaster dry? Whether you’re entirely new to using plaster or a regular homeowner looking to hire plasterers Liverpool, this post will cover all the details for plaster drying times. 

What is the Average Drying Time of Plaster? 

Drying time varies for plaster depending on the type and thickness. However, in most cases, it takes around 1-2 days to dry thoroughly. Newly birthed plaster can take up to four weeks to turn into its fully hardened state.  

Certain core additives can significantly reduce drying time by allowing for accelerated plaster treatment. Humidity levels during application also affect drying time; higher humidity will require additional moisture evaporation before the plaster is ready to use.  

Considering all these factors, an average drying time of 1 – 2 days should be pretty reliable when applying new plastering material. 

Should You Wait for Plaster to Dry? 

If you’re considering a home improvement project that involves plaster, it’s essential to ask yourself the question: should you wait for the plaster to dry? The answer will depend on the type of job you’re doing and your timeline.  

Generally speaking, it is best to wait for the plaster to dry completely before continuing with the project. Depending on the conditions, this could mean waiting an entire day or more.  

While this may seem tedious, it is worth it because wet plaster can weaken structural stability and create cracks in walls down the road. Though some craftsmen can professionally install projects with damp plaster and have successful outcomes, it’s better to avoid caution and allow time for drying before proceeding.  

Doing so will assure you that your project will turn out as planned and last long. 

How To Know If the Plaster Has Dried? 

Knowing if your plaster has dried is essential to determine when it’s safe to paint or apply other finishes. The easiest way to check is to lightly tap the surface with a fingernail or a light object, like a pencil.  

If the plaster doesn’t crumble, then it has likely already dried. Checking the color can also help- once the plaster has reached its final hue, all moisture evaporates, and your wall is ready to finish.  

Plaster typically takes 1-3 days to dry under normal conditions; however, the humidity of a room can make the drying process faster or slower than expected.  

Paying attention to how drying times vary depending on your variable environment will ensure you know exactly when your work is done! 


The plaster will be bone dry in 24 hours. But note that it will continue to harden and become more vital for days afterward as the excess water evaporates out of the pores.  

So, while you can paint or sand your walls starting on day two, they won’t reach total hardness for a week or longer. Give it time to dry completely before doing major work on your newly plastered walls!